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In 2000, Brussels was elected "Cultural Capital of Europe". The European quarter, as beating heart of Brussels and capital of Europe, did not make an overwhelming impression. There was the lack of a masterplan and the clear monolithical character of the European quarter as business district.

The King Baudouin Foundation took a leap of faith, wholeheartedly convinced of the importance of the European quarter, and was instrumental in creating the European Quarter Fund in 2001,with the intention of perfecting Brussels' image as the capital of Europe and improving the quarter's multifunctionality.

In 2030, the 200th anniversary of the Kingdom of Belgium will be celebrated and Brussels hopes to become the Cultural Capital of Europe once again… (see Our Partnerships). The European Quarter Fund is working around the clock (see Our Action Lines) and hopes for your input and feedback so that together, we can transform this neighborhood and make it attractive for all.

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King Baudouin Foundation

King Baudouin Foundation

The European Quarter Fund is a corporate fund managed in the midst of and according to the principles of the King Baudouin Foundation.

The King Baudouin Foundation is an independent and pluralist public utility foundation, and – under the tagline "Working together for a better society" – has been working to improve society for over 40 years.

The key values of the European Quarter Fund, as well as of the King Baudouin Foundation, are:

  • integrity and transparency
  • pluralism and independence
  • respect for diversity
  • promotion of solidarity

The close connection with the King Baudouin Foundation is also reflected at the organizational level of the European Quarter Fund: its Management Committee is composed of eight members including one of the directors of the King Baudouin Foundation.


The European Quarter Fund consists of ca. fourty members, who together make up the Concertation Committee of the Fund. Each individual member has been chosen because of its particular interest in and/or expertise of the European quarter in Brussels and its characteristics. Each individual member also subscribes to the Manifesto and the Charter of the European Quarter Fund and strives to achieve the objectives of the Fund by creating added value to the European quarter and/or to the image of the European quarter as an important European and international hub in Belgium.

The members of the Concertation Committee can largely be subdivided in:

  • Financially contributing members: real estate (management or investment) companies and real estate developers
  • Members of civil society: (academic) experts, residents, representatives of (neighborhood) associations
  • Observers representing the EU institutions and the 4 communes (Brussels, Etterbeel, Ixelles and Saint-Josse), the Brussels region and the federal state

The Concertation Committee generally meets half yearly on the occasion of a lecture or debate with politicians or representatives of public bodies of Brussels - Belgium - Europe, or local or international experts.

The Management Committee meets (at least) once a year and is composed of eight members: four members of civil society including the president, three financially contributing members and the representative of the King Baudouin Foundation. Together, they approve on the expenses made and on the accounts of the past year, and they decide on the programme of actions and the operating budget for the year to come.

The following companies are contributing members of the European Quarter Fund:

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